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Posted on Jul 1, 2006 in Home Remodeling | 0 comments

Tiring out…

Work on the upstairs rooms continues. Glenn is replacing the trim around the doors and the windows upstairs, but there is a problem. The new oak trim is about a half inch less wide than the old trim, so there will be a half-inch of exposed drywall when the new trim goes up. In most cases, there is also paint buildup around the edges of the old trim that needs to be scraped away. We found this out the hard way downstairs when we replaced the family room trim.

I was able to spackle around the windows and the door in the family room and then carefully prime and paint around the new trim. Upstairs, I had the chance to do all that work before the new trim goes up. The problem is that I had to do it all in two days. I managed to finish by working on it all night on Friday and then waking up at 6:30AM on Saturday to work on it until 6 PM. Glenn was working on the doors during this time, so at least I wasn’t slaving away all alone.

I finished painting around the doors (in the hall and inside the rooms) by the time Glenn got to hanging them. They look pretty good now, except for a distinct lack of texture around the new oak trim, since I sanded the spackle down to a flat surface. No one will notice that but me, I suppose… ;)

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