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Posted on Jul 28, 2006 in Other Things | 0 comments

Storm Damage

There was a particularly bad storm last night, which made it difficult to drive home. The rain was blowing horizontally, and the radio said that a tornado was heading into East Chicago — while I was driving through downtown East Chicago. I managed to make it through town and get to the Cline Extension, where traffic had slowed to a crawl due to the zero visibility (but it was wide open to a crazy person like me).

When I got home, Chrissy was upset because the downstairs TV had stopped working and there was a burning smell coming from my office. Luckily, my computer was not fried, but I did lose my computer speakers. The UPS system came in handy this time. We had the nephews over for the night, and the TV died right in the middle of a round of Dragon Ball Z on the PS2. I was more upset at the lack of distraction that a missing PS2 would bring with the boys over.

At the end of the night, it started to get really hot in the house. It turned out that we also lost our air conditioning. Glenn came over and told us to have an AC guy look at our furnace. The outside temperature was at a nice 90 degrees, but there was still a good breeze blowing. We opened up the windows for the night. Chrissy called the AC guy the next morning. Happily, the AC was restored by noon the next day, but it cost us $480. :(

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