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Posted on Feb 23, 2007 in Being A Dad | 0 comments

Daddy and Son Weekend

Chrissy is out of town on a scrapbooking retreat with friends this weekend. That leaves me alone with Aiden. I wasn’t entirely certain that I would be capable of taking on the parenting duties all by myself. I’ve done pretty well in the last five months in a supporting role, but I’ve never had the boy by myself for more than ten hours at a time.

Today wasn’t that bad though. Aiden was a very good boy and stuck to his usual schedule without any fuss at all. Chrissy’s mom came over and got him around 2 PM, giving me some time to get out for a haircut and watch some recorded TV. He’s such a well-tempered boy, I don’t see why I was so worried. We’ll see what happens between now and Sunday though.

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