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Posted on Jun 29, 2007 in Other Things, Special Events | 0 comments

Gondola Ride Down the Providence River

On summer nights, you can rent a gondola for a ride along the Providence River. It’s very Italian, with a well decorated gondola and an authentic Italian gondolier. Marcello was as authentic as you can find in Rhode Island; his family was from Italy, and he had visited Italy many times, including a trip to Venice where he was able to steer his own gondola. For gondoliers, this is evidently the Holy Grail.

Gondola Rides

Marcello was great — he told us about all the architecture that could be seen from the river, explained how the Fire Water nights worked (there are braziers every five feet down the middle of the river that are fed all night), and sang us a couple of songs in Italian. It was pretty amazing. Chrissy and I sipped wine from souvenir wine glasses and enjoyed some chocolates from a local confectionary.

The ride was over far too quickly though. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we barely noticed a half hour go by. The gondola dock was very close to our hotel, so it was a quick walk back. On the way, we found the Union Station Brewery and decided to stop for dinner. We tried the micro-brew beer sampler and some food to go along with it. It was very tasty and a great topper to the night.

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