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Posted on Jul 5, 2007 in Transformers | 0 comments

Jazz, Revisited

I wanted to go back over some comments that I had made about the Transformers movie character, Jazz. The leaked image of Jazz was a very early draft of his movie form, and actually doesn’t look much at all like what was shown in the movie. It was the first of the movie designs to get leaked to the public, and in retrospect, it’s probably the only good one of the whole movie, with the exception of Optimus Prime.

Jazz Movie Form

Although I’m not terribly pleased with the robot designs for the movie, they look entirely better when they’re moving. For example, you only see Jazz transform once in the movie, but he does it with style — he actually spins around and breakdances a little. It’s very 80’s. And that makes it good, since vintage Jazz is one of my favorite Transformers characters. I might even buy the G1 homage repaint when it comes out.

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