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Posted on Aug 27, 2007 in Hardly Working | 0 comments

Teaching at IUN

I started teaching again today. Every so often, I’m asked to teach an Introduction to E-Commerce class at Indiana University Northwest. I don’t do it often enough to count on it as income, but I do enjoy the experience. Since I got my MBA in 2002 (a Master’s degree is required to join the faculty), I’ve taught the K221 class four times, usually only when the regular professor leaves on sabbatical or has too many classes himself. I like to bring real-world examples to the table, so the entire lecture isn’t about droning through the book material.

This semester will be a little screwy though, because the class is on Mondays only. Normally, a class will be an hour and a half for two days per week. However, this class is for three hours on only one day of the week. This will make for a very long Monday, since I leave for work at 7:30 AM but won’t get home until 10 PM. It’s only for fifteen weeks though — to put it in perspective, the last day of class is on December 3rd.

There are seventeen people registered for the class, but only fifteen showed up on the first day. None of them had any IT background aside from the basic knowledge of Windows and Office provided in A106 and A285. This just means that I’ll have to make a conscious effort to explain more and ramble less. I tend to ramble sometimes… We’ll just have to see how this semester one turns out, but I’m optimistic.

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