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Posted on Apr 1, 2009 in Other Things | 0 comments

Revenge Of The April Fool’s Day Hoax

The internet April Fool’s Day joke has become something of an institution.  Every year, internet sites put on some interesting hoaxes.   Some of them managed to anger some people, but most of them were very entertaining.  Here are some of my favorites from this year.


Last year, YouTube purposefully RickRolled its own users.  The practice has become as passé as it is annoying, however, so this year YouTube chose to make some pages upside down.  I joined in the fun a bit and reversed our video of Aiden playing “laser tag”.  If that sets your teeth on edge, then you can still see the original (unflipped) video.

ThinkGeek had their usual crop of imaginative (if non-existent) items this year.  Squeeze bacon sounds like a bad idea on any day, but the TaunTaun sleeping bag was inspired.  This thing is one LucasArts license away from being a reality!  I’d buy one, if only to snuggle up in the warmth of a simulated tauntaun carcass!

Blizzard had a funny one last year with their Tauren Marine.  This year, they debuted the Archivist class for Diablo 3.  This fictitious character looks and sounds a lot like Deckard Cain, and although he sports some awesome book-based powers, he always seems to die in every clip.  As you know, I can’t wait for Diablo 3 to come out!

And Google makes its annual April Fool’s Day run with the introduction of CADIE, the precocious artificial intelligence (who shills Google apps).  CADIE became self-aware, of course, and runs amuck, to the point of replying to the Nigerian Princes in Google Mail with your bank account numbers.  Just short of going all Skynet, I see.

And although we played a little April Fool’s Day joke on our own site last year, I just didn’t feel motivated to do it again this year.  But I did have a good time checking out the tricks on other sites.  Maybe I’ll set up something funny for next year?

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