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Posted on Jul 3, 2009 in Hardly Working | 0 comments

Wrapped Up Another Session At IUN

I taught the E-Commerce class again for the first summer session at Indiana University. I did things a little differently this time though: I didn’t accept late homework. I used to accept late homework, but things got crazy at the end of the semester with students dropping six weeks worth of hastily completed assignments in my lap.

I would assign one or two small items for the next class period (depending on which book we were using at the time), and most people turned the homework in on time. Everyone else got a zero on the homework. This didn’t happen often, but it helped me since I got to grade each homework assignment at once.

I still made sure to point out which pages would have exam material on them during lectures. So if you pay attention to what I’m saying in class, then you get a bunch of study hints for the test. This boosts attendance and alleviates the need for a test preview on the day before an exam. It didn’t seem to help the scores though.

The problem with summer sessions is that there are only six weeks of class. It’s three hours a night, twice a week. Absorbing the material is like drinking from a firehouse. With no information technology background at all, I don’t blame the students for being overwhelmed with the subject matter. Overall, I gave a lot less As than usual.

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