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Posted on Oct 26, 2009 in Being A Dad, Special Events | 0 comments

We Took Aiden To See The Imagination Movers In Concert

Aiden loves Playhouse Disney, and we tape new shows for him all the time.  A relatively new addition to the Disney lineup is the “Imagination Movers”, now just entering their second season.  The show is about four guys that help people with their problems, which they call “Idea Emergencies”.  Along the way, they sing and jump around a lot, wearing blue “movers” jumpsuits.  Aiden loves this show.

We originally got Aiden a few musical instruments to gauge his interest in music.  He would play with them sometimes, but he was really set off when he started watching Imagination Movers (conveniently scheduled right after Mickey Mouse, his favorite show).  Now he carries his drum everywhere and plays along with their songs.  The songs are actually pretty catchy, kid-friendly with a basic rock-and-roll vibe.

Imagination Movers

Then they started touring.  Although they played regionally as early as 2001 in their native New Orleans, partnering with Disney in 2008 has allowed them to tour nationally.  One of their stops was at the Holiday Star Theater in Merrillville, Indiana, not far from us.  We bought their latest CD, “For Those About To Hop“, to listen to in the car with Aiden and get up to speed with their music.

Imagination Movers In Concert

We first heard about the concert just as Aiden was learning about the show.  We weren’t sure if he would like it, so we waited to buy tickets and got sixth row balcony seats.  Not bad seats, but individual Movers would often leave the stage and mingle with the kids on the main floor during songs.  We did see Mover Rich on the other side of the balcony, but we didn’t get to meet him.  It’ll be front row seats next time!

Aiden loves the Imagination Movers concert (and his drum sticks)

And of course, Aiden loved the show.  It really seemed like an adult concert except for the content of the songs (such as “Playing Catch” and “Where Is Warehouse Mouse?”).  But they closed with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, which was awesome but surprising.  Chrissy got Aiden a pair of Movers drum sticks that light up when you smack them together (or on anything else).  He held onto them all night, and now uses them to play his drum when the Imagination Movers are on TV.

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