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Posted on May 20, 2010 in Hardly Working | 5 comments

How Much Cash Will We Get For Our Clutter?

Chrissy and I will be selling our old stuff at “Cash For Clutter”, a one-day community garage sale in Munster on Saturday.  We found out about it through the LakeNet calendar.  The event will be held on May 22nd in the parking lot for the Munster pool, at the corner of Fisher Street and Calumet Avenue.

Cash for Clutter
Community Garage Sale
Pool Parking Lot
8am – 2pm

Community Park
8837 Calumet Ave.

Chrissy wanted to have a garage sale this year to clean out some old stuff from our closets, but we have learned from experience that these are a pain.  Two days of sitting in your garage through sweltering heat while strangers wrinkle their noses at your belongings may sound like fun, but it’s not.

Last year, Chrissy co-organized a neighborhood garage sale.  About fifty families participated.  It’s a lot of work to coordinate something like that!  You have to get people involved, collect money from those who want in, put ads in the paper, create and distribute the maps…  It’s kind of a pain in the butt.

So in order to avoid all that this year, Chrissy decided to leave the work to the town of Munster.  Although we have to pay $15 for our table space, we’re only responsible for bringing our own stuff.  We found out that we would get two parking spaces, the second being temporary parking while we unload.

Chrissy loves to organize things.  The only thing she loves more than organizing things is organizing things out of existence.  That’s what garage sales are for.   She has been collecting items in the house for a week to sell off for pennies on the dollar.  It will be about five car loads of stuff, possibly two trips.

We’ll begin packing our vehicles on Friday night so we can cart everything to the garage sale on Saturday morning.  EARLY on Saturday morning.  A goodly chunk of the items for sale are baby clothes that Aiden and Gavin no longer fit into.  Chrissy is also getting rid of some scrapbooking stuff that she no longer needs.  There will be plenty of toys (don’t tell our boys!), and even some knock-off Transformers that I no longer wanted in my collection.

So come and join us on Saturday and buy my stuff.  It’s special stuff because it used to be mine.   Even if you’re reading this after the sale, we will still know that you weren’t there to buy our stuff and we will scowl at you through the Internet for all eternity.

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  1. Don’t worry! I’ve kept a close eye on what’s getting packed up for the garage sale. None of my toys have left the premises. ;)

  2. Important to cull from time to time – hope you get some bucks! (At least enough for a dinner out or something!)
    .-= RobMonroe´s last blog: Wordless Wednesday – Cutie =-.

  3. Thanks! We’ve done very well today. We pulled in about $300 so far.

  4. Final tally for the garage sale was roughly $475 for the day. Not too bad for one day! My knock-off Transformers went for a dollar each, which is better than I would have gotten from eBay. We only carried away our tables and some leftover clothes, the remaining unsold items stayed behind for Goodwill. So that was nice.

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