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Posted on Jun 20, 2011 in Home Remodeling | 0 comments

We Enjoyed Working With Reeves Exterior

Chrissy and I have wanted to replace our old fence ever since we bought the house, but kept putting that project off.  We looked into it last year, but found that it would be a little more expensive to do than we thought it would be.  So after a year of saving up (or rather, paying off earlier home remodeling projects), we met with several local fence companies to compare prices and services.

The view of the new fence from our deck.

We decided on Reeves Exterior out of Crown Point.  They offered better prices for higher quality materials.  For example, other vendors wanted to charge extra for colors that matched our house, while  Reeves offered us a two-tone fence (two custom colors) for less than other places wanted for a plain white fence.  Twelve-month same-as-cash financing sealed the deal.  The owner, Al Reeves, came out personally to talk with us.

The fence around the neighbor's garage.

Al is a great guy and has done a lot to accommodate us.  Because we were also having concrete poured, we needed to coordinate efforts around both jobs.  Al talked with the concrete guy himself to make it work.  When a conflict did arise with the concrete, Al sent his guys out quickly to take care of the issue.  He really helped us out, and the finished product looks really good.  I would recommend Reeves Exterior to others any time.

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