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Posted on Jun 22, 2011 in Hardly Working | 0 comments

Garden Update: Middle Of June Success

Chrissy’s vegetable garden is growing fairly well.  The tomato plants are getting really big and the zuchini are actually producing already.  It’s the tiniest of little zuchinis growing so far, but that’s amazing considering that we have never gotten anything to grow before.  We had practically given up on growing plants, but these vegetables are hardy!

The plants farther away from the house.

The tomato plants in the plant bed closest to the house are significantly smaller than the ones in the other bed.  The problem is that the sun is blocked by the house around 5 PM, so the other plant bed further away from the house gets a few more hours of sun.  That’s something we’ll have to account for when we arrange the beds next year.

The plants closest to the house, deprived of sun!

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