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Posted on Aug 23, 2011 in Being A Dad | 1 comment

Membership To The Shedd Aquarium Has Its Benefits

Chrissy had a work seminar scheduled for the last day of our vacation, which left me at home alone with the kids for the day.  This would usually mean that I get to clean the entire house while waiting for Chrissy to come home.  I don’t believe that vacation days should be spent vacuuming and doing laundry, so I decided that the boys and I would go out and have some fun together instead.  We recently got a membership to the Shedd Aquarium, so we could take advantage of that.

Pacific white-sided dolphins at Shedd Aquarium.

Full access to the aquarium for two adults and two children costs about $100.  However, you can get an annual family membership for $175.  Our boys really enjoy the aquarium, so we picked up the annual membership.  We also have a membership to the Brookfield Zoo.  The drive is about the same distance, but zoo parking is free while it costs about twenty bucks to park near the Shedd.  We saved a lot of money with the zoo membership, so splurging for the aquarium was an easy choice.

Aiden and Gavin check out the jellyfish.

Since entrance to the Shedd is essentially free for us (despite parking costs), the boys and I headed to Chicago for the day.  Membership gets you access to all parts of the aquarium except for the 4D movie.  This includes the shark reef, the dolphin show, special features like the currently-running jellyfish exhibit and the play area downstairs.  If Aiden had his way, he would play in the submarine that they have downstairs for hours.  I literally have to drag him away from it.

Riding a turtle. Not a real turtle...

The food in their cafe is good, but it’s a little expensive.  Lunchables are cheaper.  We always bring our own lunch in a cooler bag that fits nicely in the bottom of the stroller.  This way, we can hang out for a while instead of leaving to eat.  We were there from around 10 o’clock to two o’clock, when the exhibits start getting crowded.  We got to see everything and we had a very good time.  We returned home at about the same time as Chrissy, and (best of all) I didn’t have to do any housework that day.

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