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Posted on Oct 17, 2011 in Being A Dad | 3 comments

There Goes My Ya-Ya

Toddlers can’t always pronounce words that they use frequently, so they go with nicknames instead.  In our house, “Grandma” has always been “Ooma”, at least until they can say the right word.  Aiden said “Ooma” for the longest time, and now Gavin calls her “Ooma” as well.  Grandpa is “Papa”.  There are some other good instances of made-up words in our house.

Birthday cakes with Ooma and Papa

For example, Gavin calls Aiden “Ya-Ya”.  Not sure why.  Aiden used to call Gavin “Bay-Yay” because that’s as close as he could get to “baby” when he was little.  Now that Gavin is older, we don’t call him “the baby” anymore, so Aiden stopped calling him “Bay-Yay”.  But we think that “Ya-Ya” was as close as Gavin could get to “Aiden” when he started talking.  It’s cute, so we didn’t correct it.

Now that Gavin is in pre-school, they are encouraging him to use more and better words.  TLC was great for Aiden in this way; he was talking much more after his first year of pre-school.  With Gavin, they are encouraging him to say “Aiden” instead of “Ya-Ya”.  And Gavin is doing it.  But it’s a little sad that we won’t be hearing “Bay-Yay” and “Ya-Ya” in the house anymore.

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  1. Well of course your kids will have make up names. After all you make up names all the time Mr. Autobotly

  2. I haven’t had either of my kids re-use a word that I made up myself yet. Aiden makes up lots of words though, so I might end up using one of his some day.

  3. But that’s exactly the point. The father has made up words, and now so do both sons! lol
    TFG1Mike´s last blog post: TAP – Episode 12

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